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Welcome! Our non-profit organization is dedicated to supporting the values of the youth of surrounding communities, churches, schools and other organizations. Established in the heart of Broward County, Florida, we’ve supported our youth and communities for 18 years. We promote, education through tutoring, referrals, recruiting, etc. We are instrumental for referral to higher learning. Many enrolled in our program have become productive citizens in our communities. We network to bridge our social gaps. We support cultural adaptation, social intervention, family values, and friendly competition. Safety is priority. We are an alternative to crime and other negative deeds that impact our communities.
We are a cadre of dedicated volunteers with great character and influence. We fellowship to create values within our community. We welcome community advocasy......
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Our Mission 
We will attempt to build and influence the livelihood, character, self-esteem, and reverence of the citizens of our program. We will address the needs, detriments, and progressions of our participants, to the best of our expertise. Our enrollees will be treated equally fair with dignity, trust, and compassion. We will strive to ensure that we impact the communities in which we live in a positive nature. We are the institution for the communities in which we serve; we are a community for all.
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XYDI, Inc Board 

  • Joe Ballard, Sr., B.A.-President
  • Vatina Ballard, B.S.-Vice President
  • Joe Ballard, Jr., B.A.-Director
  • Clarence Morgan, B.A.-Advisor
  • Willie Lawson III, M.A.- Advisor
  • Jene' Ballard, RN, BSN-Advisor
  • Jamarcus Ballard, B.A.-Advisor
  • Ernestine Price, A.A.-Advisor

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